CRT Medical Billing

Corporate Philosophy:

Our vision is to enable doctors to better focus their time and energy on practicing medicine rather than managing their practice. To bring that vision into reality, CRT Medical Systems provides medical professionals with integrated practice management solutions to assist in managing both the clinical and business facets of their practice. At CRT Medical Systems, we pride ourselves on integrity, innovativeness, and excellence. We are committed to helping our partners succeed because only then do we as a company truly succeed.

Company overview:

CRT Medical Systems is a medical billing outsourcing company that provides medical practices with fully integrated practice management software solutions and electronic medical records software solutions.

Founded in 1981 with a unique combination of foresight, innovation, training, and expertise, CRT Medical Systems has made its name as one of the oldest companies in the medical billing outsourcing industry. We have evolved into a company that designs and delivers customized practice management and electronic medical records software solutions to meet the specific needs of individual clients.

CRT Medical Systems is the only name you need to know for medical billing outsourcing, EMR and practice management solutions. We continue to outperform others by applying sound business practices to the confusing world of medical billing and we pride ourselves on using superior technology in a reliable online shared environment. Physicians all over the country are discovering the merits of moving to a shared medical billing system (ASP/online) or by outsourcing their entire billing departments with us. For nearly thirty years now medical practices have been experiencing the advantages of a professional medical billing company whose expertise and methods few can afford as individual practices. We simply can do it better and for less cost! Typically our clients are encountering savings as high as 20% in the areas of labor and associated supplies.

CRT Medical Systems has found that when physicians truly understand the cost of in-house computer systems, they discover why our approach is more economical, regardless of your area of medicine or size of practice. Doing business with us is easy. Give us an opportunity to share with you why we can offer such guarantees and increase your collections and let you focus on practicing medicine rather than managing your practice.

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